Cloud Map FileΒΆ

A number of options exist when creating virtual machines. They can be managed directly from profiles and the command line execution, or a more complex map file can be created. The map file allows for a number of virtual machines to be created and associated with specific profiles.

Map files have a simple format, specify a profile and then a list of virtual machines to make from said profile:

    - web1
    - web2
    - web3
    - redis1
    - redis2
    - redis3
    - riak1
    - riak2
    - riak3

This map file can then be called to roll out all of these virtual machines. Map files are called from the salt-cloud command with the -m option:

$ salt-cloud -m /path/to/mapfile

Remember, that as with direct profile provisioning the -P option can be passed to create the virtual machines in parallel:

$ salt-cloud -m /path/to/mapfile -P

A map file can also be enforced to represent the total state of a cloud deployment by using the --hard option. When using the hard option any vms that exist but are not specified in the map file will be destroyed:

$ salt-cloud -m /path/to/mapfile -P -H

Be careful with this argument, it is very dangerous! In fact, it is so dangerous that in order to use it, you must explicitly enable it in the main configuration file.

enable_hard_maps: True

A map file can include grains and minion configuration options:

    - web1:
            log_level: debug
                cheese: tasty
                omelet: du fromage
    - web2:
            log_level: warn
                cheese: more tasty
                omelet: with peppers

A map file may also be used with the various query options:

$ salt-cloud -m /path/to/mapfile -Q
{'aws': {'web1': {'id': 'i-e6aqfegb',
                     'image': None,
                     'private_ips': [],
                     'public_ips': [],
                     'size': None,
                     'state': 0}},
         'web2': {'Absent'}}

...or with the delete option:

$ salt-cloud -m /path/to/mapfile -d
The following virtual machines are set to be destroyed:

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